Jack West




by Jack West & Curvature

Released 1997
Ahead Behind Music
Released 1997
Ahead Behind Music
virtuoso acoustic guitar, sax, and percussion creating highly original and listenable, world influenced acoustic jazz
The music of Curvature is quite simply like nothing you have ever heard before. Well respected in both the jazz and folk worlds, Jack West's innovative and at times brilliant compositions are creating a new musical style that pushes the envelope of instrumental acoustic music. This CD is the first recording by Curvature and as such it documents the band's first forays into this new musical universe.

Continuum is distinguished from other Curvature recordings by it's eclectic sounds and mellower acoustic feel. The original Curvature ensemble herein includes Jack West on acoustic guitar, Scott Proffitt on percussion, Calder Spanier (of the Charlie Hunter quartet) on sax, Mike Marshall (of David Grisman Quintet fame) on mandolin, and others.

"...the strength of Curvature is the group's original, consistently recognizable sound...distinguished by the all-acoustic instrumentation...tight arrangements, musical use of odd time signatures and polyrhythms, and engaging, intricate melodies that weave through a landscape of hypnotic yet subtly fluctuating grooves."--Electronic Musician

"...a soundwave treat for the senses...without being too new age, slick, arty, or weird."--The Muse, Berkeley CA

"...an incredible recording...great rhythmic interplay between guitar and percussion."--Charlie Hunter, Blue Note recording artist